Day 1,214 – Thankful for the Question “Which Possessions Own You?”

Which possessions own you?  How’s that for a deep question on a Friday night?  Let that one sink in and ferment in your brain over the rest of the weekend.  If you have some answers that you’d be open to sharing please do so, they’ll most likely spur on thoughts to help others as well.

Just a couple of days ago I shared how much I was enjoying journaling using a book with a thought provoking question each day.  Each morning I read the question and jot down my initial thoughts.  Later in the evening I write down what else has come to mind from that question bouncing through my brain all day.  To be honest, I didn’t write anything down last night.  I didn’t read today’s question either.  That question from yesterday has been stuck in my head and has appeared in my brain often in the past 36 hours or so.

Which possessions own you?

It seems so simple at first, right?  I’m not much of a “stuff” kind of guy so I didn’t immediately think about physical things.  After some time I thought about some of the little mementos from loved ones and incredible experiences that I hold dear.  Losing them would be difficult, but I don’t quite feel that they own me. 

As I’ve dug deeper into the question I realized that my memories are a possession that in some ways own me.  Remembrances of past adventures are very important to me.  I often blog about those types of memories.  What if I were to lose them?  In some ways I write my blog as a back up to my mental hard drive.  If my internal CPU fails I want to be sure to be able to restore them as much as possible.  My memories own me in many ways. 

My desire to create more of them also has ownership of me.  The thought of staying in one place all year and not traveling feels literally suffocating to me.  My passion for travel and experiencing the natural world have ownership over me. 

 The big one?  My family and friends.  My relationships.  Those who are near and dear to my heart.  They have the ultimate ownership of me.  I would do anything for them.  I don’t want to imagine not having them in my life.  From losing Dad and grandparents I know this will happen and my heart will be broken each time.  Fortunately all wounds heal and I will eventually recover, though never quite whole in the same way.  A new type of whole, but not in the way I was when I was around.  The thought of dropping everyone and leaving all of them behind forever is one that even my crazy imagination can’t even begin to comprehend.

Which possessions own me?  Is it okay that some do?  Should nothing have ownership of me?  Occasionally fear takes control and ownership of me, sometimes I fight it off, and other times I succumb to it.

I’m thankful for the deep question as it has my mind going in a million directions – all in positive ways of helping me explore who I am and how to be the truest form of me I can be.


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