Day 1,212 – Thankful for Shifting Views of Offering Advice and Daily Journaling

Just curious, are you in the habit of journaling each day? What has worked the best for you? Why have you stuck with it / stopped doing it? How did you determine what to write about each day?

Over the past few days I’ve had the opportunity to offer up advice in a few different subjects. In the past I would really enjoy being asked for advice as it was a total ego hit. I’d be almost high with confidence and arrogance of being the person who was seen as an expert of some sort. In many ways I look back and see how I craved it so much and saw it as a way for me to determine my self worth. How silly is that when I write it out? My main takeaway for being asked for advice was all about me and placating my ego.

These past few days I’ve noticed something different. I’ve got almost a reluctance to offer advice, even when asked. Who am I to suggest the best course of action? I’ve had some successes, but not enough for me to feel like anything close to an expert. Rather, I find that when I am offering advice I’m often listening to myself think through what would’ve been the best way to handle a situation. After the conversation my brain keeps going back to what I said and finds so many ways in which I should apply it to my own life, let alone offer it as advice to others.

After one such conversation this week that really hit me between the eyes. When did offering advice go form being an ego boost to a self-questioning moment? It’s an interesting shift that I’ll be focused on moving forward. Is it the right behavior, is this still off, what should I think/feel in those moments? I’m thankful for noticing the shift and am looking forward to seeing where it leads next.

Journaling is an interesting one, isn’t it? An activity that is extra work, but so fulfilling when done correctly… yet feels so trivial when looked at as a task to be done versus something I am choosing to do.

In addition to writing this daily blog I’ve taken on a new behavior. Each morning I read a question/thought from this bad boy:

I jot down a few sentences and thoughts on the note for the day and then move on with the day. Throughout the day the thought keeps growing and bouncing around inside my head. At night before bed I pause and jot down my answers to the same thought and question. It’s interesting to see how the extra thought time has helped the answer grow and develop. All day long I’m watching myself from a third person perspective and evaluating how well I’m living into the answer. Some days I live into the ideal answer, other days I see just how big the gap is and find little ways to take action. I’m very grateful for the additional thinking that has happened since starting this, it seems like it’s been a great help in assisting me in closing the gap.


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