Day 1,211 – Thankful for Blogging In Bed Before I Crash

That’s really the best way I could put it tonight! No sarcasm or anything, I’m most thankful for how exhausted I am from the day and the fact that I’ve run out of time so I’m blogging from the comfort of my bed. From my early morning treadmill run to a busy work day to a short burst of time at home to a high school basketball game this has been a very full day.

Gavin’s team was recognized at halftime of the high school game. I figured Dominic might want to go too and I was very glad he did. While Gavin hung out with his teammates and coach during the game I had a lot of time to just shoot the bull with Dominic. It was a pretty sweet round of bonus father son time with him. I’m still a little freaked that part of our conversation revolves around where he’d like to go to college 😉

On the way home from the game I had so much fun joking with the boys. We were all laughing pretty hard by the time we got home. Those moments of joking and spending time with the boys are amongst my favorite moments.

After all that I’m thankful to crash and get horizontal. Once I’m done typing my eyes will close and I’ll be out in a matter of minutes. If today was the last one for me I’d say I lived it pretty well and I’d be out on a high note.

Hey Big Dude Upstairs, thank you for an excellent day! I’m grateful for each moment of it!


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