Day 1,210 – Thankful for a Very Unexpected Reminder of Dad

So many wonderful moments today. In my mind I’d already written a couple of blogs when I got this voice message from a prospect…

“…one other question. After I put things together, you said you were from the Phillips area. Are you related to a Pete Kreiling from up there? I know him from when he worked at the mill there…”

Boom, right in the feels. I was laughing out loud and swear Dad was laughing along with me. I listened to the message again and smiled even wider while chuckling. Without even thinking about it I started talking with Dad. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing that he knows you Dad?” Immediately I could hear Dad’s voice in my head, “I guess you’ll have to figure that one out, won’t you Mikey?” At this I laughed even harder. I just couldn’t stop smiling in thinking about it.

Later in the afternoon I was able to catch our prospect on the phone and proceeded to have a wonderful conversation with him. He hadn’t seen Dad in a very long time so I had to break the news to him that Dad had passed. He went on to explain how great it was that even though Dad bought materials from him Dad would visit at least once a year and would treat him like a king. I still remember so many stories of Dad talking about how important that was to him. He proceeded to tell me how much he enjoyed spending time with Dad and what a great guy he was. It was pretty awesome.

After I got off the phone I had to close my office door for a moment and take a pause to get my emotions under control. Something about that conversation brought Dad’s memory closer to my heart than normal and I’m so thankful for it. Funny how something completely unexpected like that can bring back such waves of emotion. I am so blessed to have had that moment and so many wonderful memories with Dad to look back fondly on.


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