Day 1,209 – Thankful for Losing the Stair-climbing Challenge to Gavin & Taking Action

Today I lost the Stair-climbing championship to Gavin. By the time I climbed all 255 floors of Burj Khalifa in Dubai Gavin had already summited and knocked out the Statue of Liberty and an Aztec temple. I thought I’d take him out due to the long duration (over an hour) but he never showed signs of slowing. In fact, he ran up the last 8 floors!

I’m very competitive and losing is never enjoyable, but today I’m thankful he beat me. Gavin was pretty pumped up and seemed to really enjoy himself. I’ve got this weird feeling that he may find some joy in endurance sports as he grows up. Even if not I’m grateful for the time we had together doing something healthy for the second day in a row.

If you’re not part of the solution you’re a part of the problem, right? Instead of getting frustrated and doing nothing like I have for years I put together a couple of solutions to a problem or two (at least they are problems in my opinion). Today I finally took the time to summarize the challenge and a handful of potential solutions. I’ve got concrete next steps and will see what happens. Even if nothing comes of it I’m grateful for taking the time to take action. I may not control the situation, but I can control how I respond to it and attempt to make a difference.


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