Day 1,208 – Thankful for Working Out with Gavin, Snowblowing with Dominic, and Wings with the Boys

Today picked up where yesterday left off; Dominic and I hanging out together. Kind of hanging out… if you count snowblowing as hanging out 😉 I am thankful for how eager he is to take on additional responsibility like this. While he and I worked together I was reminded of so many Saturday mornings of working in the woods with my dad. It wasn’t always the most exciting but when I look back they were some great times with my old man. I am thankful for having some of those moments with Dominic this morning.

While Dominic was at snowboarding Gavin and I ran some errands and then hit the Y. We had a lot of fun joking and talking as we hit the bikes first. After a good ride we hit the side by side stair climbers and had an epic race up to the top of Skellig Michael. At least it felt epic to me. Gavin totally crushed me and did 20+ extra stories while I finished up my 67 flights up Skellig Michael. I am so grateful for the time together with him doing something that will possibly create some excellent long term habits for him. We’ll head back to the Y tomorrow for a rematch and I’m excited to get a great workout in with him again.

As we chill tonight we decided to grab wings and chill together. I’d given them a few options and they wanted to have the three of us hang out together, something I’m always thankful for. After the show we’re watching together (Alone, Season 4) we’re going to fire up some games and probably antagonize each other for a while. What an awesome way to spend a night!


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