Day 1,202 – Thankful for the Unceasing Patience of The Big Dude Upstairs and the Example to Follow

I am so thankful that The Big Dude Upstairs has unceasing patience. Over the past 43 years I’ve made mistakes, haven’t learned, strayed off the path, let my ego blind me, have made poor decisions, openly questioned, have been disrespectful, been selfish, and so on and so on. Throughout each of those mistakes God has been patient with me, has continued to love me, and continues to be present with me.

What a role model The Big Dude Upstairs is for me to follow. Throughout the course of the day I’ve lost my patience more than a few times for a variety of reasons. As I reflect on it I can say with certainty that each of the items that left me frustrated were significantly less important or severe than many of the mistakes I’ve made. God stayed patient with me through worse stuff while I got frustrated and angry at some pretty petty and trivial things.

Knowing that someone is so patient that they’ll never ever give up on me is a powerful thing. Not as a crutch to allow me to go crazy, but rather as living into the high expectations that someone has on me that I should live into. With that in mind The Big Dude inspires me to live more into who I am called to be by Him. Knowing that He’ll continue to cheer me on and dust me off when I make mistakes is an added bonus. Remembering and emulating that patience, forgiveness, and love will help lead me towards being who He wants me to be. That example to live into is something I’m incredibly grateful for.


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