Day 1,201 – Thankful for a Day Full of Assorted Gratitudes; Especially a Trick, a Story, and the Memories They Triggered

Today has included an awesome assortment of gratitudes. I have been thankful for many things today.

Early morning hot yoga to start the day. Watching Gavin’s basketball games. Reminders of the importance of growth mindset. Hearing about Gavin’s sense of humor. Joking with friends. Reminding myself that everyone sees the world a little differently and my way isn’t always the only way. Grocery shopping with Becky. Spending time alone on a drive to pick up Dominic. Spending time alone with Dominic shooting the bull. Concocting crazy pizza ideas. Escape rooms with friends. Remembering purpose to enhance experience. Hearing stories from friends and being motivated by them.

Of all of those things there is a specific breadcrumb I want to leave for future Mike. While hanging out with Vance and Brenda tonight I learned an awesome skill involving a Grolsch (swing top bottle). Even cooler than the trick itself? Hearing the story behind it. Even cooler? The awesome memories I have of watching my Grandpa Lamping perform his tricks like this as a kid and young man. Those memories still have me smiling as I prep to go to bed and remind me to enjoy life, laugh, and to keep my sense of wonder sharp.


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