Day 1,203 – Thankful for Running In Fresh Snow Under a Bright Moon with Becky & the Girls

Today’s been an awesome day all around. There’ve been so many magical moments I am thankful for. Teammates took things to the next level. I had many laughs with friends. There was a business lunch that involved a lot of travel talk. Much learning happened and there were clear signs of progress. Time with the boys, time at home, and some time to think. How do I narrow it down to just one thing today? Simple…

This wasn’t from this morning, I didn’t take my phone today. Still from another great morning, just not today. 🙂

This morning started off with a morning run in fresh snow. The only thing that had been in it at all was a rabbit and a fox (in different areas). The moon was very bright, the sky was clear, and the light reflected beautifully off the fresh blanket of snow. The world was a little more quiet than normal. There was no wind and the air was almost perfectly still. Each inhale brought a fresh intake of cool crisp air. Each footfall felt like it landed in a soft pillow. The quiet crunching sound of each step made a beautifully rhythmic sound. The environment was so peaceful and serene. What a relaxing way to experience life first thing in the morning!

As if that weren’t enough I also had the benefit of spending that time with Becky and the girls. Becky and I had time to talk and we shared time together. Being in nature to experience this beauty together was amazing. The girls ran with such joy and curiosity of the snow covered landscape. Their happiness and excitement made our run even more enjoyable.

The morning run in these conditions was perfect. The company I shared the moment with was outstanding. I can’t think of a better way to start a day. From that point on the rest of my day was filled with joy.


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