Day 1,197 – Thankful for Smiling, Planning, Thinking, and Reflecting While Driving

One of the benefits of winter time is the drive to Eau Claire. Yes, it’s a hike and sometimes snow and ice make it a little more difficult, but there’s such beauty as well. Thanks to the timing of my drive I was able to see both the sunrise and sunset and all the colors on the ends. Watching the colors slowly change while reflecting off the snow in the rolling hills is so awesome. I was smiling almost the entire way there and back today.

While it’s an hour and a half drive it’s certainly not wasted time. On my way to the office this morning I never once picked up my phone or turned on my radio. I was able to spend time in thought thinking through and planning my day and actions. Funny how sometimes the best thought time I have isn’t in an office, but on the road. I’m thankful for how much more smooth my days go when I have time to mentally prep and plan on the drive in.

On the way home I took a slightly different path for much of the drive. I still kept the radio off but spent time reflecting on the book I’ve been reading. The book really has my head spinning and has helped me learn a lot about myself. Spending time reflecting and thinking was a great way to let some of the ideas really start to sink in. Having that quiet time alone surrounded by the incredible beauty of God all around me was wonderful and an excellent way to focus my thoughts.

Lots of driving today, but also lots of smiling, planning, thinking, and reflecting. Who says windshield time can’t be productive or joyful?


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