Day 1,198 – Thankful for Running Hand in Hand with Mother Nature; a Lesson in Acceptance

Mother Nature and I have had many talks over the years. Almost all of them seem to be pretty one sided with me doing the talking. I often find myself negotiating, pleading, whining, fighting, and ignoring her. When I don’t get what I want out of her I get frustrated. Often I act out of spite and do my best to stick it to her.

Imagine my initial thoughts when I saw this when I woke up in the morning (this pic was from when I got back to the ouse after running):

Yup, lots of “come on’s,” “really’s,” and even a “watch this.” I initially decided I was going to run just to spite Mother Nature. Somehow in my moronic and egotistical brain I thought I’d found myself in a zero sum game with her. I was going to show her who was boss.

Then I had a moment of clarity and started laughing at myself. A couple of thoughts form the book I’m reading popped into my head and I realized I was looking at this all wrong. I went to work resetting the script in my head.

Mother Nature isn’t against me. She just is. The weather will be what the weather will be. Me “fighting” it won’t prove anything other than that I can be very egotistical and stubborn. Instead, I decided I was going to run with Mother Nature. I wasn’t even going to just run with her, I was going to take her hand in mine and run along with her.

Instead of a mindset of opposition I viewed it as us working together. It was a goofy thought, but I considered how she was helping to train me for future cold runs. When I got a little chilly the wind would almost die down. When I needed a little bit of a push I got a nice little tailwind. We ran together like old friends and I smiled like a damn fool the entire time (behind two layers of face masks). It was rather enjoyable.

In choosing this mindset I learned a lesson in acceptance. Instead of fighting back and trying to dictate my will on something else I should look for more ways to give in to the will of a greater force. Fighting nature is a ridiculous concept, it wins every time. Even if I try to claim a moral victory I in no way had any impact on it and didn’t cause it to change in the least. There isn’t a winner and a loser, there’s just me in nature with one version of me having higher blood pressure and more stress than the other version.

Mother Nature (aka The Big Dude Upstairs, The Universe, God), my bad. Thank you for showing me patience as it only took me 40+ years to learn to that it’s always better to follow Your way instead of trying to shape my own. I’m sure I’ll need to be reminded of this many times before it truly starts to sink in.


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