Day 1,196 – Thankful for Waking Up to Becky, Creating Five Minutes of Space to Learn, and a Lesson I Finally Started to Get Several Years Later

Was there a lesson someone tried to share with you that didn’t quite sink in right away? Why didn’t you “get it” right away?

Each day I attempt to write about something I’m thankful for that’s a little different than any of the fifteen hundred plus blogs before it. By the nature of the blog it will continue to get more and more difficult to find something “new” to be thankful for. This also means I often stretch outside my normal stuff to find something a little more unique. To take this a step further, this also means that I often don’t blog about some of the things I’m thankful for every single day.

Today when I woke up to Becky and then went for a run with her while the world slept I couldn’t help but pause and be incredibly thankful for waking up to her each day. My days are better and more joyful with her in my life. I’m so grateful for her presence in my life. She may not be the topic of my blog everyday but she could be.

As is the case with almost all of us there’s never quite enough time for everything I want to accomplish. This leads to trade offs due to my inability (unwillingness?) to perfectly utilize my time. Today I was able to notch out an extra five minutes of thought time in different way… I fired up a podcast while I was in the shower. Even with washing and scrubbing I was still able to listen and focus on the content. The podcast even helped me take action today that I wouldn’t have without listening to it. I might have to do it again tomorrow!

Better late than never, right? In reading The New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton I think I’m finally learning what Father Mark Thought I could learn from this book. Several years ago I jokingly told him he’d hit me between the eyes with a spiritual hammer after a conversation we’d had. In the following conversation he suggested I read this book. I’m once again a nail being driven in by the hammer. Not even halfway through and I’m already getting excited to read it again. So much to think about and take action on. It has taken me years to finally start to learn the lesson Father Mark was trying to teach me and I’m thankful that I’ve finally listened.


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