Day 1,195 – Thankful for a Sermon that Reminded Me to Use the Tools I Have and Time with Gavin!

What a day it’s been! I slept in late (8am is about as late as this dude gets) and still had plenty of time to get ready to head out to church with the family. The sermon was a good one, and throughout it kept tugging my thoughts into a certain direction. There was discussion of Thomas Merton, a monk who studied many Eastern religions and philosophies in addition to Christianity. Father Dodge shared a story of Thomas Merton and as he did a smile crossed my face along with a memory.

In a conversation I had with Father Mark many years ago he had suggested that I read The New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton. He referred to it as an excellent resource that I would most likely find very useful. I went out and purchased the ebook and started reading. It was a difficult read and I had my head in the wrong direction. I was seeing it as something I needed to do and consume quickly as opposed to taking time to digest it. Maybe it wasn’t even a difficult read and it was just me getting in the way of myself. Regardless, I only made into the fourth or fifth chapter and set it aside. After church today I hopped online and bought the audio version for myself to start listening to tomorrow.

As I said, the sermon was focused on using the tools we already have at our disposal. In order to get back on track with my eating I was making my lunches for the week and enjoyed some quiet time in the kitchen as Becky and the boys took the girls for a walk. I was considering filling the quiet with something mindless to fill the space. In an instant I heard the voice of Father Mark reading a quote from Blaise Pascal. In a heartbeat I fired up my iphone and started listening to some of the advent season sermons from Father Mark. My mind, heart, and soul were filled as I prepared my lunches and did dishes. I am so thankful for the sermon today, I’ve already taken action on it a couple of times.

Much of the day involved time with Gavin!. Yes, I intended to have both the exclamation point and the period. When he’s in a particularly Gavin-ish mood I refer to him as Gavin! with an exclamation point. He certainly earned it today. At church he was constantly stirring next to me. Along with that he was in a kind of snugglish mood and I’m thankful for that once in a while too. Later in the day he came up to the workshop with me and we started a project together – a wooden Catan board.

After supper we spent time digging through Gavin!’s room with him trying to locate his lost Boy Scout shirt. I just about lost it as each new possible location led me to more and more random stuff (treasures to him, crap to me, we’ll meet in the middle and call it “stuff”). Becky sat back, smiled, and laughed and reminded me of how Gavin! is pretty much a miniature version of me in so many ways. He and I met in the middle and were able to get a lot cleaned up and either recycled or tossed. The shirt is still MIA, I’m sure we’ll go searching again one night this week.

To wrap up the night I had some business stuff to take care of but Gavin! wanted to play a game. We again met in the middle and I walked through what I was working on with him. Once I’d finished a few minutes later we went into the dining room to play the game he wanted to play, tabletop football. For quite some time we were laughing and having fun flicking a paper football across the table and kicking field goals. It was an awesome time.

I’m so thankful for my time with Gavin!, but especially today. Today was one of those days when I sit back and think about how fortunate I am to have such wonderful sons. They truly bring so much additional love and joy into my life each and every single day. Every moment I had with him and the rest of my family today were amazing and I’m thankful for each of them.


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