Day 1,194 – Thankful for the Boys Trying Something(s) New and Hearing “the Rest of the Story”

Today was a day of firsts for Gavin & Dominic. Gavin has his first basketball games today. It was a blast watching him hustle his butt off on the court. He’s got a ways to go to catch up to others who’ve been playing a while, but his hustle and tenacity on defense had me smiling all tournament long. Dominic has his first snowboarding lesson today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Becky said he even fell asleep on the ride home he was so tired!

I’m so thankful the boys are both open to new experiences and activities like this. Watching them try new adventures makes me smile as I think about just how many new adventures they’ll have in life if they’re not afraid of new challenges. As they attempt new things I’m also thankful for their resiliency as the navigate their way through new challenges.

Earlier in the day I was listening to Pandora radio and a band came on talking about the reasons behind one of their songs. The X Ambassadors shared how they wrote their song “Steady” focused on parents being divorced. They said they find it interesting that so many people have misinterpreted the meaning and they’ve even heard of it being played at weddings. I knew the song but I had no idea that was what it was about. When I went back and listened to it again I could totally hear it.

The funny thing is that this was the second time I heard something along those lines in the past few days. After reading The Fellowship of the Ring there was an afterword written by JRR Tolkien talking about how many people had put different meaning and symbolism to his story. The theories included everything from symbolism of the World Wars to industrialism to religion. He laughed and said none of those were even close. He simply wanted to create a great long story. No hidden meanings or agendas, just a story he had within in him that he wanted to tell.

The reason I am thankful for these two stories is that they remind me of a couple of things. What I intend to communicate versus what is understood will often not line up exactly. with this mindset I must be sure to find very clear ways to communicate if I intend for a specific message to be communicated. The second lesson is to remember that there’s always more to the story and I’ll often view a story through my own paradigms. This means I’ll see things differently than they are intended and if I truly want to understand I must ask questions and not just assume. These are two very valuable lessons to remember and live by.


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