Day 1,193 – Thankful for Deep Feeling of Appreciation

Watch out blog world, I’ve started typing, deleted, started over, deleted, and started over a few times now. There are some days when there are big events or happenings that are so easy to blog about. Most of those days I type about that event and why it was important to me.

Today it’s been a little different. Today was a big day for me; one that would be very easy to write about. I’ve started typing about it several times already, but each time it doesn’t quite feel right. When I start typing it turns into something that I don’t mean for it to be.

In the back of my mind there’ve been a couple of other moments that have really hit me in the feels. Each of those moments are personal, special, and greatly appreciated. Based on their situations I really don’t want to get into them.

They were little moments in which I was able to just be me, doing what I do, and smiling all the while. When I really think deeply about them, one in particular, there was something about them for which I am very thankful for; I felt greatly appreciated by the individuals involved.

It seems a little weird to mention, but it felt really great to be appreciated in those moments. I feel appreciated often, but the way it came across was very heartfelt and meant a lot to me on many levels.

To everyone who helped me to feel appreciated today, thank you greatly! I am so blessed to have all of you in my life and am eternally grateful for our time together.


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