Day 1,192 – Thankful for a Full Yoga Class and a Life Lesson for Myself

What’s something that annoys you that you’ve found a way to turn into a positive?

Totally not our yoga class tonight but I was pretty sure I’d be kicked out if I took a picture! 😉

In the past I’ve found myself getting frustrated after the first of the year when I go to yoga, cycling, or anywhere that involves people making New Years resolutions. I’m ashamed to say it, but I guess I could get kind of possessive and wonder why so many people would have the audacity to use “my facility.” How lame is that? Yeah, I can actually claim that if I owned the gym… and if I actually did that I’d be up for the prize for the lamest human being. Yeah, even as I type it I’m feeling even more lousy about that past behavior. I can’t go back and change the past so I’ll let it go and focus on moving forward from here… Which is what my post is about tonight.

Knowing this about myself I caught myself starting to think the wrong way earlier in the week. In recognizing my incorrect mindset I took a breath and initially decided I was just going to not think about it. I’d just go early, get a spot for Becky and I and close my eyes. Easy, right?

A pretty cool thing happened as I laid in an almost full yoga class tonight. Having a room full of folks added so much energy to the room. At times I caught myself smiling because I was enjoying it so much. A small class is cool too, but having so many people breathing and sweating all at the same time was awesome! It almost felt like a concert environment with everyone moving in the same direction at the same time. By the time class was up I was thinking to myself that I wish all the classes were almost full like that.

After thinking about it I realized that this will be a great lesson for me to hold onto. My natural instinct is to hold onto what is “mine.” To keep it all to myself. That’s a sure fire way to find unhappiness. When sharing something with others there’s always so much more joy to be found. I feel like I do a decent job of giving much of the time, but this reminded me that there is so much more for me to give and be open to sharing. Moving forward when I find myself getting frustrated at others for being in “my place” or trying to enjoy “my thing” I’m going to take a deep breath, remember how much fun class was tonight, and take time to enjoy sharing something I love with others – whether friends, family, or total strangers.


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