Day 1,170 – Thankful for Dr. Rebecca Kreiling

After years of hard work, sacrifice, focus, grit, and dreaming big Becky has officially become Dr. Rebecca Kreiling.

Earlier today she was awarded not only her PhD but also the Chancellor’s Doctoral Research Medal. This prestigious award is given for doctoral research that is of exceptional merit and at the forefront of their field. She was awarded one of only two such awards given at this graduation.

So why am I thankful for Dr. Rebecca Kreiling today? She’s an outstanding role model for the boys and I. In reaching this achievement she reminds us that no dream is too big to reach. We saw her consistent hard work and dedication to reach this dream and were regularly inspired by her work ethic. Her passion for this dream was unbelievable and her grit to reach it was mind blowing. The boys and I are grateful for the inspiration she has been for us through these years.

Congratulations on such an awesome achievement Dr Kreiling!!! We are so proud of you and honored to have experienced this journey with you. It will remind us always of how it is possible to achieve any dream we’re extremely passionate for through hard work and focus. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! Love you!!!


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