Day 1,171 – Thankful for Mental Bookends & Memories Between Them

When you think back to a slightly hazy memory and can’t quite remember when the event occurred what are the mental markers you use to pinpoint the approximate date of the event?

Sure, there are some easy and obvious ones like getting married and having kids, but we each have our own memories that help light our path. Which ones do you use? Why are you thankful for each of them? If you don’t have a few that pop into mind right away don’t fret; the next time you’re trying to remember when something happened one or two will come to mind.

I’m especially thankful for these memory markers today as we’re wrapping one big one up today. In years to come I’m sure I’ll pause and think, “was that before we went to Australia” or “was that before Becky became Dr. Kreiling?” These past couple of weeks mark the end of one chapter of life and the beginning of the next. They help establish a timeline better than a calendar ever could. For instance, I could never tell you what year we replaced the windows of our house, but I can tell you it was sometime after Dominic was born and before Gavin was born. Dates are only numbers; mental bookends are life itself.

What I’m thankful for today is a combination of two somewhat contrary things. The mental bookends are the events which mark the time as mentioned above. The other half of my gratitude tonight is for the opposite of the bookends, all the memories that lay between them.

Those memories between the bookends are the overwhelming majority of life. They are all the minor ups and downs that make up our daily life. They might not be the most memorable in of themselves, but the add all the depth to the others. They help the bookends become larger than life. They sometimes get their fleeting moments in the sun as well as our brain stumbles across them or has a light shown upon them.

It’s easy to see these past weeks as a bookend, whether it’s to start a new shelf or complete an old one really depends on context. Regardless it’s a marker made up of incredible memories which will perfectly frame so many awesome daily memories in life.


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