Day 1,169 – Thankful for a Pile of Things that Bring Me Great Joy; Walking, Listening to Rain, Interesting Signs, Narrowly Avoiding Hitting a Wallaby, Coconut Water, and Hanging Out with My Family

Sometimes it just feels right to be thankful for a ton of things, doesn’t it? Instead of trying to combine many gratitudes into a single theme I figured I’d just roll with it and lay out an extended list today. Just a heads up, there might be some additional ones that pop up after I’ve already written the title so hang on!

Walking: Today we spent many of our hours wandering somewhat aimlessly on trails, across campus, and through town. I did some quick math and realized that we’ve walked about 13 miles each day since we’ve been on vacation – no wonder I feel great! Getting a great walk is in magic for the soul. Whether alone or with others it feels good to move and to be able to experience so many interesting things as I ramble.

Listening to the Rain: As I type this I have the doors of our AirBNB wide open and am listening to the sounds of rain, wind, and the occasional thunder clap. It’s so soothing to hear those sounds in the background. The rhythm of nature is so serene.

Interesting Signs: There’s been no shortage of interesting signs since we’ve been here. The one that still makes me laugh is “Undercover Car Park” for a parking garage. Today’s winner was a sign warning to watch out for koalas.

The Circle Game: The boys and I have an ongoing battle of “the circle game.” The point is to make a circle with your thumb and forefinger below your waist and to get the other person to look at it. If successful you get to punch the person in the arm twice. Yes, it’s completely stupid and juvenile, but we have a blast playing it. Look closely at the picture of Dominic above… He got me well on that one!

Narrowly Avoiding Hitting a Wallaby: Yes, I almost added one to my overly extensive list of animals I’ve hit while driving a vehicle. Dominic and Gavin have been joking the whole trip about hitting a kangaroo. With between 3 and 6 feet to spare I narrowly avoided drilling a wallaby. Whew!!!

Coconut Water: I’m totally hooked on the stuff! Delicious and an incredibly source of hydration, I’ve been drinking it by the quart much of this trip. Love, love, love this stuff!

Hanging Out with My Family: Even though we definitely drive each other nuts after spending so much time together I can’t think of a group of people I’d rather spend this much time with. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to get so much time with them.

Whew! And the day’s not even over yet! So many things to be grateful for today.


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