Day 1,150 – Thankful for Trying Something Completely Different and Alone Time with Becky

One things for certain, I’m a huge fan of yoga. There is nothing quite like in terms of helping me get a great workout, push myself, and find peace and calm. One hour long session and my mind is completely clear. Funny how 60 minutes of taking direction from someone pushing me to stretch my body in ways it doesn’t naturally want to go can help me take a deep breath and relax.

Today I had the opportunity to try something completely different, aerial yoga. Instead of what I’m used where my feet and hands are connected to the mat my appendages were suspended above the floor via a crazy piece of silk. Talk about crazy, it was like being a little kid playing on the playground.

I felt completely out of my element but in a very good way. From past lessons I listened to direction, trusted the teacher, just let go, and attempted to move into the poses the instructor was describing. I didn’t always make it work, but I had a great time trying. Nothing quite like trying something completely different to humble me and cause me to remember how the mind of a true learner really thinks like.

When we woke up Becky and I hit the kayak for a nice early morning paddle. After yoga together we headed out on bikes and got a great ride in. Lunch was just the two of us and we then had time together by the water. I may have been doing work during that time together, but it was just the two of us.

I love spending time with my Express family as well as with my boys. Today it was nice to have one of those beautiful albeit fleeting moments of time with just Becky and I. It seems like it doesn’t happen often outside of our early morning runs, I took full advantage of appreciating the time we had today. Nothing like spending a little time in paradise with Becky to warm my soul.


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