Day 1,149 – Thankful for Fellowship with Business Partners, Not Caring Who Sees Me Doing Yoga, a Subtle Reminder of Dad, and No WiFi

It’s been an incredibly full day. I’m in bed, typing, and ready to call it a night shortly after finishing today’s blog… maybe I’ll sneak in a chapter or two of the book I started today 😉 There’ve been many things to be thankful for today. Some include pretty deep thoughts and realizations but I think I’ll let those simmer and ferment for a day or two. Today there were four things that stuck out in their own unique ways.

First off, when Becky and I woke up we were going to head out to do some yoga on the deck over the ocean but there were a few people there already. As opposed to disturbing their quiet moment of watching the sun rise wee headed over by the pool to get our yoga on there. It’s pretty much right in the middle of the condo complex and the focal point of many of the units, but I could’ve cared less. Back in the day I would’ve been way to self conscious to do this but today it felt just fine. It was very liberating to not care who saw me doing yoga.

The overwhelming majority of the day was spent in fellowship with my business partners. So often when we meet there are specific business goals and activities we’re working to accomplish. Today there was none of that. Very little business was spoken, the majority of time was put into rekindling and improving our relationships together. That is something I’m very thankful for. Those moments are few and far between and I’m always excited to take advantage of them.

At dinner tonight I ordered a beer. For some unknown reason I did something that I haven’t done in a very long time. I dumped a little salt in my beer. It was an odd habit my dad used to have that I had picked up from him but somewhere down the line I’d stopped. It’s probably been a couple of years since I last did it. Tonight for some reason it felt right so I did. As soon as I was in the motion of it I smiled and thought of Dad. How cool to have a subtle reminder of him like that to make me smile? I’m pretty positive he was smiling too.

Last, barring some crazy Christmas miracle in the next few minutes, this blog won’t get posted on the day it was written. It is currently 9:20pm as I write it and our WiFi is out. I’ll finish writing it all tonight and post it tomorrow. Remember, I write a blog each day, sometimes I don’t get to post one each day. With all that out of the way I’ve got to say that it’s been incredibly liberating to not be on my phone or laptop for almost the entire day. Times like this remind me of how little I truly need to be connected that way. They also remind me of how much I appreciate being able to work from afar as much as I can thanks to wifi and modern technology. (LOL – just as I was about to close my iPad the wifi clicked on!)

Off to reading a chapter before bed to cap an awesome day.


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