Day 1,144 – Thankful for Saving Old Notes and Feedback

Every once in a while my packrat tendencies pay off.  Over the past few years I’ve worked on reducing the amount of “stuff” I save.  In spite of my best efforts there are a few stacks of old notes that I can’t bring myself to get rid of.  It would be very easy to scan and save them electronically, but there’s something so satisfying about physically holding sheets of paper.

This particular stack is old notes and feedback from teammates and mentors from past planning sessions.  Each year we get together to set our goals for the year and work together to help each other watch out for blind spots and improve upon strategies.  One of the things I appreciate most about the group is that we really don’t hold back punches.  Yes, it can sting at times, but there’s a mutual respect and love for each other that helps us all get better and grow.

As our planning session starts next week I paused today and took a few moments of solitude to re-read those notes.  Pouring back over them reminded me of what I may have been overlooking or over thinking.  They reminded me of some of my tendencies and helped me focus on looking at our plans from other perspectives.  One other wonderful benefit was that it reminded me of the voices of past mentors who I don’t see nearly as often anymore.

That stack of notes was read specifically because it was on paper.  Had they been electronic I would have most likely passed right by.  There’s something about having a physical manifestation of peer and mentor feedback that helps me focus on reviewing and remembering those old notes.

I’m happy that I’ve started getting rid of many piles of old “stuff,” but today I’m especially thankful for the “stuff” that I’ve kept.



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