What an excellent day filled with so many things to be thankful for! Each piece of the day fit together so well, from an early start to everything being on time to incredible fellowship it’s been a dandy.

What really sticks out today is the few hours I spent reading a great book. It was recommended from a different book I recently finished and it seemed right up my alley. The book Handmade: Creative Focus In the Age of Distraction was written by a master woodworker. The focus for the story is the author sharing how he initially fell in love with woodworking and his journey. It’s chock full of woodworking metaphors and really captures the incredibly satisfying feeling of creating something with your own two hands. There was also an unexpected twist, he loves the outdoors, hiking and rock climbing – how could I go wrong there? The time spent reading the story itself flew by, I was so caught up in the story and seeing so many parallels. Funny how sometimes we can learn so much from an unexpected teacher using very unexpected metaphors.

As if the book itself wasn’t enough I swear I could hear Dad laughing along with me at some of the stories. So many of the things that the author describes are events I either witnessed firsthand with Dad or heard about from Dad. I could see him shaking his head at parts and then start telling his own version of a similar story. There were times I could hear him telling me, “See Mikey, I warned you about that,” while smiling all the while.

So much of the joy my dad found in life came from creating things. I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities I had to learn some of those skills with him (though not nearly as many as I’d have liked). While he’s not physically here to keep coaching and teaching me the experience today made it very clear that he’s still with me. That sensation is something that I am incredibly appreciative of today.


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