Day 1,143 – Thankful for Taking Action; Digital Minimalism

For the umpteenth (yes, that’s a technical term) time I’m feeling very grateful for the advice of reading and re-reading the same small handful of books.  I haven’t stuck with it perfectly as I like mixing in different viewpoints, but I’m cycling back through some favorites while adding some new ones to the list.  The one I just wrapped up was Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.

So here’s the deal…  please be sure to note that I’m not passing judgement on anyone other than myself when I say this.  When I’ve looked at the “Screen Time” feature on my iPhone I really want to barf.  Yes, I use it for work also.  Yes, there are useful things it provides.  Overall, I spend too much time on it.  I’m not proud of my Pavlovian need to check it every time it dings or buzzes.  Re-reading Digital Minimalism has made it even more painfully obvious how unhappy I am with how much of my focus I give that screen.  Nothing like finding that gap between who I am and who I should be to motivate me to close that gap.

Thanks to so many great ideas I got from the book a second time I’ve taken a few big steps today.  The first time I read the book I knew I should take them but then kind of set them by the wayside.  After letting it sink further in during the second read I’ve made immediate action.  The biggest already has me twitching a little bit…  which also has me realizing that it may have been a bit overdue.  I’ve deleted all of my social media apps from my phone.  If I want to hop online, which I know I will from time to time, I’ll need to dig out my iPad or laptop.  This one extra step will undoubtedly reduce my screen time significantly.  I’ve also deleted my beloved Sudoku game from my phone and have a different activity that will take its place when I go to bed.

They may be little steps, but I’m already seeing how I can make more time in my life for those people and activities which are most important to me.  Below is even a little hint of what’s up next 😉

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 8.24.28 PM


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