Day 1,133 – Thankful for the Smell of Fall Leaves

Earlier this morning I couldn’t help but savor the smell in the air. It’s only around for a short period of time each year. The smell reminds me of hiking in the woods, bow hunting, Scouting, and time with family. It’s such a simple thing, just a scent, but it brings me great joy.

Today I was thankful for many things and could’ve blogged about many deep and complex thoughts. While they each got screen time in my brain I took time to count the blessings they brought. Some even started to develop into writing. I appreciate each of them greatly and I don’t mean to slight them in anyway.

The day has been filled with much complexity. Writing about the joy from something as simple as the smell of fall leaves feels so right. I often make things more complex and difficult than they need to be. Today I’m reminded to keep it simple and find joy in simplicity.


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