Day 1,132 – Thankful for a Reminder of Why I Blog, Daily Reflection… “What am I thankful for today?”

Today I’m reminded of why I take the time to blog each day.  I am very thankful for the daily habit my blogging has developed.  Quite often I kind of forget that I’m doing it and don’t take time to appreciate the joy it has brought over the past few years.

Today’s blog originally going to involve this picture for other reasons but it still seems appropriate

Many days there is something that jumps right out at me and I just know it’s what I should blog about.  Those days are almost too easy to write about.  It’s almost like they can write themselves.

The vast majority of days don’t have that one thing that immediately comes to mind.  Those are the days when I catch myself thinking about one specific question more and more often each minute that goes past 6:30pm…  “What am I thankful for today?”  I then stop and walk through the day and think through all that I’m thankful for today.  My mind combs through the day and I can’t help but smile as I do so.

This evening I caught myself asking myself that question and the lightbulb lit up while I was running through my day.  How awesome that one simple question can put such a huge smile in my heart each day?  While I write about one of those thoughts each day there are usually a dozen or more things that I pause to reflect on each day.

So today I’m thankful for the daily reflection that comes from writing this blog.  When I started I wanted to find a way to bring more joy to my life.  Today is a wonderful reminder of how one simple question can make such a difference in my life.


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