Day 1,128 – Thankful for Finding the Calm Within the Storm

There are always struggles and challenges in life. I’m a believer that if those are not present there’s something I’m doing incorrectly. In order to grow and find the true edge I must continue to push myself just past the brink of what I feel is possible. To accept this and live into this means if there aren’t struggles and challenges I’m doing it wrong.

All that said there are times when I’ve pushed to far past that brink and have fallen. Instead of going just a step past possible I’ve instead made a giant leap and landed without footing. To make that mistake repeatedly will lead to eventual failure.

There’s a fine balance to walk. Challenge enough without taking on the insurmountable. Become comfortable with being consistently uncomfortable. Somewhere in that balance lies the line I want to live on (or just a tad on the other side of 😉).

Today has been amazing. In pausing to consider the day I can’t help but see just how much of that give and take I’ve lived just today. I’ve pushed myself, I’ve been challenged, I’ve found ways to make life fit, and I’ve enjoyed the entire ride (except for the five minutes when I lost my cool before I realized my password had expired after repeatedly trying to log in).

Today has been a full day. I’ve pushed the edge, found the calm in the storm, and have enjoyed squeezing every ounce of life possible out of the day. Ahh…


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