Day 1,127 – Thankful for Stumbling Into the Habit of Journaling

When I opened up my Facebook memories from today I saw these gems from this date over the years:

As I looked back fondly on each of these moments the memories came flooding back. It is wild how many memories come back so clearly with a picture and a note.

And that’s when I realized what I’m thankful for today. I saw these two memories from the past two and three years ago:

In taking time to read what I wrote about years ago I was reminded not only of memories, but of my thought process, emotions, and the stories behind the story. Even though they are each only about 1/1500th of my blogs I can still remember writing each of them clearly as I read them. Having that level of memory to go back to has been awesome!

By writing a daily blog of what I’m thankful for I’ve stumbled into the habit of journaling.


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