Day 1,126 – Thankful for a Team Doing Right

One of our clients recently had to do a very unexpected layoff of many of our associates. While it started as just a couple of day event my team quickly saw that it might go longer than expected. Many of our associates who were impacted would have had a very tough time with not receiving a paycheck for a couple of weeks. My team quickly realized this and took swift action.

The team contacted many of our current clients and asked if they had any additional temporary work for our associates. In some cases they had to negotiate ways to make things work. When there were still more people who needed to work they even saw an opportunity to have several of the associates come in to help paint one of the units of our office!

When all was said and done they were able to help almost 30 people keep a regular paycheck coming in – all while helping our client retain some great people when they are ready to ramp back up.

One of our core values is “Do Right” and I’m so thankful for the way my team lived into this and then some. I’m so appreciative of how they went the extra miles to help do right by our associates!


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