Day 1,125 – Thankful for a Weekend at Home to Transition to the Next Season

From Friday night through tomorrow morning I’ve spent the majority of the time at home.  Sure, I headed out for our date night last night, out for church this morning and so on, but for the most part I’ve been at home.

The past few months have been pretty wild as the fall sports season is very much full speed ahead.  I’m sure the winter season will to, but this weekend was an excellent way to pause and prepare to transition to the next season.

With this time at home I’ve had time to catch up on a lot of things and do many things I’d been putting off for a while.  This included catching up on some work, getting a bunch of stuff ready in my workshop for the winter project season, and spending some time taking a deep breath to relax.  I’ve been busy much of the weekend, but it’s almost all been stuff that hasn’t felt stressful.

The weather really helped that feeling of changing seasons.  How beautiful was it this weekend?  This is some of my favorite weather all year!  Whenever we were outside it was so cool to see all the beautiful leaves.  So many times I caught myself mentally pausing to enjoy the change in the season.

I can tell I needed some time at home this weekend and I’m glad it worked out the way it did.  This was a great sequel into the next season of life.  Today reminded me to be thankful for the season and craziness we’ve just had, to be thankful for the next season of life, and especially to be thankful for moments of quiet and calm like this weekend.



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