Day 1,129 – Thankful for Getting Caught Up On the Important

When I don’t take the time to focus on the important aspects of life it seems as is the universe is more than willing to fill my field of vision with the urgent. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Even though we know what we really should be focused on there is a gravity that pulls us towards the stuff that wants to be done now but that doesn’t always push us towards our goals and dreams.

Tonight I was able to put the focus where it should be and catch up on some critically important stuff that leads towards the completion of my dreams – of both the short and long term. While I knew I should be focused on it there’ve been so many other things that I e let get in the way for too long. With time dwindling down it was time to buckle down and focus. Once I did my eyes were opened even more widely to just how critical it was to focus on it.

Yeah, it sucked to not follow through on plans to hang out with friends, but I’m feeling so much easier stress now. Had I just gone out I knew that I wouldn’t be 100% focused and present, my mind would keep drifting back to the other project. Once this is complete I’ll be ready to re-engage 100%.

Time to sleep like a champ with much less stress!

BTW – nope, the picture doesn’t have anything to do with my post, but I’m thankful for how much fun these two yahoos had (as well as Dominic and Sam)!


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