Day 1,119 – Thankful for Access to Healthcare and Health Insurance

At the base of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is the most basic thing we as humans need in order to survive.  All other needs are secondary to our physical well being as without life there’s nothing.

Over the past 12 hours I’ve had a few great reminders of how thankful I am for access to healthcare and health insurance.  These two things have had a positive impact on our ability to take care of our physical well being.  Because of the combination of those two things the physical well being of my family and I are taken care of.

Without insurance I don’t know how we would take care of the large medical bills we have had in 2019.  While insurance certainly is expensive and hits the wallet hard it seems to always end of paying for itself when averaged out over time.  To be able to doctor as needed without fear of being bankrupt by the time it’s over is a very positive thing.  The amount of stress it prevents is almost worth the cost in of itself.  Of course I’ll usually still crumble at the premium costs and deductibles I’ll be sure to think about times like this and take a deep breath.

Having access to healthcare is something else I am very appreciative of.  Being able to head to the doc right away when needed and get expert care within hours is a luxury I must remember to be thankful for.  There’s a peace of mind that this provides that almost never seems to be top of mind, but when considered it allows so many other things to be top of mind instead.  I am so thankful for having access to so many wonderful healthcare so close by.

Today I’m reminded of how appreciative I am to be blessed with the combination of healthcare and health insurance.



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