Day 1,118 – Thankful for Family Couch Time

The past couple of months have been a blur of activity. So many things going on seemingly constantly. Tonight was quite the opposite.

Dinner as a family was followed by some time chilling on the couch. Gavin, the girls, and I all snuggled up in one corner and watched a little TV (still slowly working our way through Season 3 of Alone). Becky sat a little ways down and read while occasionally watching with us. Dominic… well we’ve heard the sounds of life once in a while from his hideout in the basement. No worries, he deserves a little chill time too.

Laying on the couch all snuggled up for an hour of peacefulness was awesome!!! Moments like that are some of my favorites. Exactly what the doctor ordered before heading off to an early bedtime.


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