Day 1,082 – Thankful for Simple Pleasures of Life, Laying On My Back In the Grass and Looking to the Sky

It’s been a great day with the boys. Lots of soccer, games, and hanging out. Dominic’s asleep on the couch as Gavin and I have a mini-binge watching session of Alone (Season 2). We’ve had a pretty awesome day.

Amongst all the busy-ness there was a moment that really sticks out to me. After Gavin’s second game we walked over to the game Dominic was refereeing. The game was for a couple of years older so it went longer. While we waited for the conclusion the two of us talked and watched the game.

At some point I laid down back in the grass flat on my back. I caught myself just relaxing and looking up the almost perfectly blue sky. The feeling of the sun on my face was amazing. There was a slight breeze. Gavin ended up doing the same and for a long while neither of us talked (which is an incredible feat for us!). In that moment there was no stress, no deadlines, just relaxing and peace. It was awesome!

How great that something so simple can bring so much joy if I just remember to take the time to appreciate it!


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