Day 1,083 – Thankful for Helping Gavin Find a Way to Earn Cash

Gavin shared that he’s getting close to having enough cash to buy the huge LEGO set he wants. With only $25 or so to go but no job he was left scratching his head. I was able to offer up a solution that he was pretty excited about.

We have boxes of old trading cards (specifically MTG) that are presently doing nothing but collecting huge amounts of dust. Unlike my old baseball cards there’s actually a market for some of them. I gave him some quick training on navigating the website and he has been off to the races!

Way back in the day Nick and I would’ve killed for a way to sell and trade in our cards like this. Instead of trading or going to a card shop Gavin’s able to sift through the old cards and find some that he can get a little cash for. He’s able to have fun sorting through old cards to find treasure to help him get the other stuff he wants. In the meantime it’s been a fun way to help him understand how retail and business works.

It’s been fun helping him find a way to make the money he wants by putting in the work himself. Until he’s old enough to have a job this could be an excellent way for him to keep making a few bucks.


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