Day 1,081 – Thankful for Three Excellent Memories

Today there’ve been a few memories brought up which have made me smile wide.

Late in the morning Becky reminded me that it was a handful of years ago today when my dad and I built the treehouse with the boys. We had so much fun working together on that silly project that knocked off one of the dreams on Gavin’s dream list.

While driving to the bank this afternoon I couldn’t help but think about the crazy night almost 20 years ago when Becky agreed to go on a date with me. As luck would have it that story came up again in the evening as I drove Gavin and Payton to Dominic’s soccer game.

The other memory that made me laugh out loud was when becky and I recounted our last night of vacation in Banff. We decided to relax with dinner and a drink outside. It was a little cool out but the seemingly never ending stream of hot drinks and almost nonstop laughter kept us plenty warm. To this day it remains one of my favorite vacation memories.

Three wonderful memories, three instances of being 100% focused in the present, and three moments of perfection. Cheers to that!


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