Day 1,069 – Thankful for Vacation Planning on Vacation

Today we left the Grand Canyon to start making our drive back to Vegas. While on the drive back Becky and I started to plan out some future vacations and adventures. A few years ago we’d agreed to always have at least one more vacation planned before the current one came to an end.

Today we mapped out well over two dozen places we’d like to check off. I’m so thankful for taking the time to do that. It reminded us of which we’re most important to us and was a pretty awesome way to bond. Travel is a huge part of what makes us “us.” Taking time to think through and talk about what we’d like to experience was fantastic.

I’m also thankful for the way it helped re-center my focus on what I appreciate doing most. There are many times when I more or less go with the flow, this planning helped remind me of how I really need to be intentional in my actions to help me accomplish what I want.


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