Day 1,070 – Thankful for a Travel Tradition, the Scratching of the Map

Once we got home this afternoon we hit the jets and focused on getting everything done and ready for the week. Becky and I were just saying that while it was exhausting it is a good exhausting. I’ve also caught myself getting a little giddy and excited to go back to work. How fortunate to have such a wonderful work family that I get excited to see them!

To wrap up the night’s activity before we all take a little chill time before bed we had to do what is kind of becoming a cool family travel tradition. We take the National Park map off the wall, remove it from the frame, and scratch off the parks we’ve hit. Tonight we not only scratched off the Grand Canyon, but we also added a marker for Indiana Sand Dunes.

In the surface it seems like a pretty simple and unexceptional thing, but both the boys and Becky get so pumped up to do it that it puts a huge smile on my face. How awesome to see them get so excited to track our progress towards our goal. I also love how it usually starts a discussion about where to go next.

I’m thankful for a wonderful trip, great experiences with my family, safe travels, and for being home. The map is a little extra icing on the cake tonight.


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