Day 1,061 – Thankful for Teachers Who Go Way Above & Beyond, Kim Novak

We’ve been so blessed to have had so many excellent teachers for our boys.  Our experiences at Summit Elementary and Logan Middle have been truly outstanding.  The teachers have wonderful attitudes, help foster a growth mindset, and are so passionate about helping the students grow and develop.

This summer Gavin’s been working on some additional math classes online to help him prep for some crazy math this fall.  Once in a while I’ll happen to walk past Gavin as he’s taking the course online and I hear a very familiar voice.  His online classes are all recorded by our friend, Kim Novak.  

Kim has been recording all these classes in her spare time and has been busting her butt to get them all done.  I am so thankful for the time and energy she puts into creating these classes.  Based on everything we had scheduled this summer there is no way Gavin would’ve been able to attend enough in person summer classes to help him learn what he needs prior to the school year.  Thanks to her passion for helping students and willingness to put so much energy and effort into creating this content Gavin will be able to be one year ahead of where he would have been without her. 

As if that wasn’t reason enough to be grateful for her there are so many other ways in which she’s gone above and beyond the call of duty.  When we’ve run into technical issues she’s been there to help – seemingly at all hours and responding within minutes.  When Gavin needed to learn a valuable lesson about taking his time to practice the lessons prior to haphazardly taking the quiz she was right there with a great mix of a smile and sternness.  It was very clear that Gavin learned from that experience and has done much better since.  Throw in her flexibility and willingness to accommodate our crazy schedule.  We’re so thankful to have such a wonderful teacher taking awesome care of our boys and all of her students.

Thank you to all of the teachers the boys have had throughout their years of school, and a special huge kudos to Kim for going so far above and beyond what is expected.  Our boys are so fortunate to have teachers like you guiding them.  If (hopefully “when”) they find future successes later in life I’m positive they’ll look back fondly to their experiences with you just as I do with many of my past teachers ( )

To all of my friends and family who teach – thank you so much for giving so much to help our children grow and to help make the world a more beautiful place.  You are appreciated greatly!!!


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