Day 1,060 – Thankful for Getting Out of the Car

LOL! Yup, total going with a surface level gratitude today, but it’s one I’m truly thankful for. I’m finally out of the car for good today!

I headed up to the Eau Claire office today and had an appointment in Chippewa Falls. Once done with work for the day I hurried south back home. At home I packed, loaded up, and we were headed out to Sioux Falls. Even the welcome feeling of getting to our hotel was short lived as I realized I’d hurried so quickly that I’d completely forgotten to grab my contacts case. Gavin and I headed back to the car, drove to Walmart, and then drove back to our hotel.

As I lay here and relax I’m realizing just how much drive time I’ve had today. I’ve been awake for just over 18 hours and have spent approximately 8-9 of those hours in transit. Getting out of the car feels great!!!


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