Day 1,039 – Thankful for One On One Time with the Boys and Time With a Group of Friends

After work tonight I headed up to Camp Pepin to pick Dominic up from his week at YMCA camp. While we had friends who were more than happy to pick him up I saw an opportunity to spend some bonus time with him. I’m so thankful I did, he talked my ear off all the way home! It was awesome!

Last week Gavin and I had a very similar experience when I picked him up from camp. The time alone with both boys was so special. To hear the excitement in there voices, to hear the stories of what they did and to just spend time with them was fantastic. While I truly enjoy time with my entire family there is something so special about those rare times when there are only two of us.

Once home I was able to jump right into the company of a great group of friends at our house. Tonight was round two of our childhood comfort food dinner tour. The main course Becky fired up was Mexican Hero Sandwiches, Funeral Potatoes, and Kenny’s Dessert. The additional shrimp salad by Jeremy was an awesome bonus. The food was great, the time with our groups of friends was exceptional!

I’m so grateful for the time spent with friends like this, who you can open up to about anything, talk about anything, and laugh with constantly. I’m pretty sure the balance of talking versus laughing was more weighted towards laughing. What an awesome time we had!

How interesting that my gratitude lays with a single person and with a singular group of people? It seems like an odd balance but at the same time it is perfectly understandable.


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