Day 1,038 – Thankful for Watching Good Omens with Gavin

Tonight we got everything done around the house right after dinner Gavin had an awesome idea that I couldn’t say no to…  Watching the TV show Good Omens.  It’s an awesome series based on one of my all time favorite books.

Good Omens

After being out of town, Gavin being at camp for a week before, and all the running around in different directions chilling on the couch having a few good laughs while hanging out watching a silly show has been exactly what I needed.  Becky’s been sitting right near us and has been setting her book down once in a while to join in with us.

I’m really looking forward to Saturday night when all four of us are home at once, chilling with no plans, playing games and probably ending the night on the couch just like this!


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