Day 1,037 – Thankful for Going Home

What a day it’s been!

The last day of Express Leadership Academy didn’t disappoint – more fantastic leadership training and development today. Throughout the day I had many moments to continue bonding with my ELA cohorts to continue strengthening ongoing relationships and building new ones. I’ve had time with business partners to walk alongside the ocean while talking strategy and seeing just how much we all have in common.

While on the airplane and at the airport I’ve had time to go through all of my notes from the past few days. This exercise has helped me embed so much of the learning into my brain more deeply. While reviewing and typing my notes there were a few mind blowing realizations that will stick with me. I’m so thankful for them.

Even though I’ve been out my teams have stepped up daily in so many ways to help each other out. There were more than a couple of moments when I caught myself grinning like a fool and almost moved to tears as they helped each other while helping our clients – all without direction. It was so clear to see that they truly live our values and I’m so thankful for them.

With all of those blessings and so many other there is one thing I’m most thankful for though. I’m going home. Very soon I’ll be home. I’ll snuggle up in bed next to Becky and drift off to sleep with the dogs on their beds in the corner of the bedroom and Gavin asleep in his room (Dominic is still at camp). We’ll all be sleeping, but it will still be magic to me – I’ll be home.

I love my work, I love my teams, I love my friends, and I love my family – and I really love being at home with my family. Of all the possibilities in the world home with them is always the best option (unless we’re on vacation 😉).


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