Day 1,036 – Thankful for Taking the Time to Listen to the Music My Soul Was Yearning to Hear

The past couple of days have been filled with so many excellent ideas – leadership concepts, tactical techniques, jaw dropping realizations, and thoughts about life in general.  There’ve been so many of those ideas all mixed with great times with so many of my Express Leadership Academy cohorts that by the evening my brain was getting full.  Instead of adding more to the mix I paused and listened to hear where the Universe was leading me.  I’m so thankful I did.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been so focused on a couple of specific aspects of my life that I’ve found that there are other areas I’ve been neglecting.  With all the running around on the weekends I haven’t been to church in well over a month.  There’ve only been a couple of times in which I’ve gone to yoga in the past month.  My eating has taken a turn for the worse and I’m catching myself have a drink more often.  Exercising has gone right down the tubes and I’ve put too many pounds back on in a short time.  I’m so wore down by the end of the day that I’ve spent more time on meaningless and mindless crap at the end of the day instead of focusing on something productive.  In short, I’ve focused on only a couple of the most important aspects of my life, let many others go by the wayside, and instead have filled my time with “stuff” that doesn’t lead me towards my dreams.  Over the past few days this has really moved more and more into my line of sight and I must change it immediately.  To be clear, this isn’t a “feel sorry for Mike moment” or anything, it’s a simple realization that I have some decisions that I need to do a better job of making.

This afternoon we had some free time and decided to listen to what my soul needed.  I opted for a run and it felt incredible.  Once showered up I knocked out a bunch of work that was on my mind and that needed to be done.  Instead of going out to eat I ordered in room service and kept working – it actually felt fantastic to have quiet time to be productive!  After working I realized it was getting close to the sunset so I put in my earbuds and headed out to the beach.  I Facetimed Becky so I could experience the sunset with my travel buddy.  I sat in a chair on the beach and just soaked in the ocean air and the beauty of nature all around me.  The clouds changed color and shifted across the sky while I sat back and enjoyed the view.  No thought, no focus, no worry, only the heightened sense of truly experiencing the present moment and all it had to offer.  I could hear the waves washing up on the shore underneath my quiet music.  The ocean air was salty on my lips and I could smell that sea smell.  I walked and felt the powdery white sand in between my toes as I stepped.  I looked out over the ocean and saw such beautiful sights.  It was amazing and reminded me to pause and remember why I do what I do.  In those moments all of my senses combined to play the music my soul needed to hear…  the simplicity of the beauty of nature in the present moment.  Soaking in the joy that comes not from possessions or accomplishment, the pure joy of appreciating the wonder of life in the moment and being so thankful to be alive and experiencing that moment.

The time I spent on the beach will be fresh in my brain and has already been catalogued with so many of my dearest memories of being totally lost in the moment.  Listening to the Universe reminded me to pause and be thoughtful in my actions.  To focus on the right directions.  To enjoy and appreciate the present moment as tomorrow is not a promise.  To live and appreciate each day as if it were my last.  So much to be thankful for and to remember when making a decision which could lead me in a wrong direction.


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