Day 1,028 – Thankful for a Thoughtful Gift and Talking to Myself (Self Awareness)

When I got to my office in Eau Claire today I was greeted with a very thoughtful gift – a hand written card and a great book.  Joy, our Regional Developer, left them for me when she visited our office last week.  Not gonna lie, it was a pretty amazing way to start my Monday in the office!  I followed her directions from the card and flipped to a random page and was greeted with a thought that’s suck with me all day.  Thanks Joy!


On my drive home I was spending some time thinking through a challenge I am currently facing.  Without thinking too much about how I was going about solving it I had a moment of clarity in which I caught myself not thinking about the problem correctly.  Without thinking I caught myself talking out loud to myself, “Dude, slow down and focus on what you really need right now.  What exactly do we need to solve this?”

After chuckling at myself I realized that I was 100% right in correcting myself from the mistake I was making.  Thanks to a moment of self-awareness I was able to stop myself from letting my thoughts go to where I am comfortable, idea creation and brainstorming, to a less comfortable but more time appropriate thought process – practical problems solving.  Isn’t it funny how when I pause for a moment and put my focus on myself from the third person perspective I’m more apt to give myself better advice?  I really need to work on that more, though preferably without the talking to myself! 😉


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