Day 1,029 – Thankful for Quality Time with My Express Winona Family and an Unexpected Road Trip with Dominic

Tonight we wrapped up our annual Halftime planning session for our Winona team.  While the majority of the time was focused on strategies to improve our already record setting year we also took some time to relax as a team as well.  I’m so blessed to have such an excellent team and I’m always thankful for the time I have with them.  Their energy and passion for what they do always fills my heart with joy.


After our time together I headed home, picked up Dominic and we headed off to Brownsville to drop off our lawn mower at our mechanic.  We were in no hurry, had no specific agenda, and had fun spending time with each other.  DJ Dominic fired up some tunes while we drove, sang, talked, listened, and laughed.  Having some quiet time to just the two of us like that was greatly appreciated with all the busy-ness we’ve had this summer.  Those little moments are magic for the soul.

Now off to bed so I can have some quiet time with Becky in the morning as we walk the dogs before heading out to work tomorrow!


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