Day 1,027 – Thankful for Continuing a New-ish Family Tradition and Driving Through the UP

Over the past handful of days we’ve kept up a relatively new family tradition. Each summer we head out to a cabin near water and spend time with our family. Most often this includes being out on the water, going for a bike ride, eating out, and hanging out spending time as a family. It’s an awesome little oasis of family time in the the craziness that is our busy summer.

Without something like this to rally around as a group it’d be tough getting us all in one spot at one time (although this year we’ve totally lucked out and have been able to get us all together a couple of times already!). I am so thankful we take the time to figure out a way to keep this going each year. I had a great time this year and am already excited for next year’s outing and to see where we end up next summer!

Our ride home today has been a bit long and we’re still on the road. Gavin has a summer camp up north that we dropped him off at along the way. Currently about an hour and a half out… about 10.5 hours after we left this morning.

On a positive note we spent much of that time going through the UP. I LOVE that area!!! From the lakes, rock formations, forests, and everything in between it oddly feels like home. Our ride took us past three Great Lakes and one of my favorite areas up north, Munising, MI. It has been a long trip, but I am always grateful for some time touring one of my favorite places on Earth.


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