Day 1,026 – Thankful Rolling with the Weather, for Better or Worse

Yesterday the weather was crazy sunny and hot so we headed out early to catch the dune hike. By the time we wrapped up the weather was pretty much perfect for being on the water so we were able to join everyone else on Nick & Jenn’s boat to enjoy some float time.

Kinda cool and surreal biking to the top of a ski hill 😁

Today the weather forecast was initially pretty awesome, but that changed pretty quickly. With that being the case we caught an early-ish morning bike ride and enjoyed some great outside time. The rain and storm clouds switched up the plan, but we just rolled with it and found other things to do. Sela’s friend found a pretty cool Butterfly and Bug Zoo so we hit that. Just as we’re leaving there Nick and Jenn saw an ad for a bowling/laser tag/video arcade/bar so we were off again!

It’d be real easy to get frustrated at the weather being kind of crappy, but that’s not going to change anything. The weather is going to do whatever it wants to do, I’m thankful we all decided to just roll with it today and have a great time together!


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