This morning the four of us woke up early and headed out for a hike up and down Sleeping Bear Dunes. With everything else we wanted to accomplish for the day we knew that an early start would help us fit in all that we wanted to fit in. As it turned out we were able to even fit in a little more!

Thanks to an early start we were able to beat the crowds to the dunes. Even more importantly, we were able to beat the crazy heat index by heading out early.

After seeing what really should’ve been the National Park instead of Indiana Sand Dunes we drove around to see the dune from multiple angles. Throw in an incredible lunch on a table made out of a table saw (for reals, coolest thing ever!!!), and it was an awesome day. We even got back early enough to get out on the boat with the rest of the family for a couple of hours! Talk about an almost perfect day 😁

While we could’ve slept in this was another reminder to me of how many awesome things come after waking up a little early to get a jump start on the day.


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