Day 1,015 – Thankful for Leaning Into Discomfort and Saying Yes

Thinking back over the past 1,381 days I sometimes forget if I’ve blogged about something in the past.  Often when I have that feeling I go back and search my old blogs to see if it was already in there.  Tonight I’m going to listen to the advice of what I am thankful for and I’m just going to go with it.

There have been several guideposts over the past six months or so that have really led up to today’s gratitude.  Some of the memorable ones include a sermon talking about how we feel drawn to do something good that we really don’t want to do, a change in work, and getting my butt into gear and starting to run regularly again.  Between these moments and so many others I’ve found myself being drawn to something outside of my comfort zone.

Over the past 24 hours I’ve had several experiences that have really helped to pound this thought into my head, the concept of saying “yes” and leaning into the discomfort.  The one that seems to really roll it up in a nutshell involves our dogs.

Between my work schedule, Becky’s joint stuff, and a pulled dog leg the girls really haven’t had a ton of exercise lately.  As of today it’s been over a week since they’ve been able to do any type of walk or run like they so love.

Cue my pity party… I had a very long and stress filled day at work.  I have another one coming up tomorrow, and all I wanted to do when I got home was complain.  The rain really fit my attitude as I was flat out pissy and I wanted to world to be pissy with me.  I wanted to have a drink, sit on the couch, go brain dead, and go to bed early.  My thought was that I’d feel bad for myself tonight and then start fresh in the morning.  It really sounds stupid and petty as I write, but that’s pretty much where my brain was.

The entire time the dogs keep looking at me with their sad eyes, hoping for something wonderful to happen.  Unfortunately for them my new early start time tomorrow meant no walk for them in the morning.  More than once Becky talked about how each time LuLu comes in the house she looks at her leash and then sighs as she walks past in disappointment.  As if I still wasn’t taking the hint the rain stopped and the sun came out.

At some point that sermon popped back into my head.  I was feeling the pull towards taking the dogs for a walk.  It would have been very easy to ignore and move past, but that sermon reminded me that often the things that we should do are the ones we feel compelled to do, but don’t want to do.  In those moments our best course of action is quite often to lean into the discomfort and go where we feel pulled.  I took a deep breath and decided to just say yes.


Once the dogs realized what was about to happen their joy was so obvious that I couldn’t help but smile with them.  As we walked I fired up my audiobook (Love Does) and, by some cosmic coincidence, started with a chapter about when the author learned the power of just saying yes!  I couldn’t believe it, it was awesome!

As we walked I could feel my attitude improving so much so quickly.  All I’d needed to do was lean into a little discomfort and say yes to it.  Once I did that everything fell right into place.  It was almost as if the universe knew exactly what I needed and did what it could to provide me an opportunity to have it.

And that’s what I’m thankful for today.  Over the past months some of the happiest and best moments and experiences have come as a result of leaning into the discomfort.  By saying yes instead of fighting and pushing back I’ve been able to accomplish more and have the opportunity to be in the right situation more often than not.

I certainly have not been perfect on this and have much to work on, but days like today are a great reminder for me in the future when I just want to fight that path that I know is correct.


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